Csilla, Noémi

Stanisława Przybyszewska: The Danton Case - Studio K, Budapest

2010.07.15. 14:58


The director Gabor Koltai has staged Stanisława Przybyszewska's play with a deep analytic look that betrays his fascination for the text and his curiosity for the problematic relationship between politics and people, as well as the politician and the human within one man.

Danton and Robespierre are played by two actors with extremely strong individual and distinct features. This maintains a persistent tension culminating in a scene where the two characters have dinner together. Danton (Attila Menszator Heresz) has an immutable belief in his individual, powerful attraction and behaves like a pop star adored by millions, only he loses his voice literally when it is most needed. Robespierre (Karoly Kuna), though more and more weary, keeps his integrity, which is partly perceived as a secret by the audience.

The performance is interactive, but does not frighten the audience off. We are only asked to follow the actors to the buffet of the theatre or to rearrange our seats in the small theatre room of Studio K. Gradually, we realize that we have the freedom of choosing where to sit and from which point of view to witness the revolution. At the same time, we become part of the passive and/or impotent mob watching the execution of Danton and the manifestation of terror.

Andrea Radai

Hungarian Theatre Critics Association