Shakespeare: Measure to Measure - Hungarian Theatre, Budapest

2010.08.17. 14:58


Director and company leader Zoltan Balazs has had a unique journey in the last decade. His company called Maladype Theatre will celebrate its 10th birthday in May 2011.

After he participated in 2008 with two performances at the Festival of the Union of the Theatres of Europe (which took place in Cluj/Kolozsvar, organised by the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj/Kolozsvar), Matthias Langhoff has returned this year to work with the company of the Hungarian Theatre.

One of the most impressive European stage director of today was invited to mount Shakespeare's play, Measure to Measure. Actually it was his choice, like he said in an interview. As a Brecht's devotee ("my master is Brecht, and I am faithful to his education" as he admitted in the same interview), Matthias Langhoff successfully built he Brechtian techniques in his performance, which is speaking about power, autocracy, manipulation, perfidy and hypocrisy. The four-hour performance is "seasoned" with improvisation and songs, and the typical Brechtian songs are substituted here with Shakespearean sonnets (composer: Vasile Sirli). Langhoff's performance is - in a certain way - a kind of political theatre: some of the characters are accentuating the actual political situation in Romania, specially in improvisation parts.

Kata Kollo

Hungarian Theatre Critics Association