Zita, Mariann

Calderon de la Barca: Life is a Dream - Katona Jozsef Theatre, Budapest

2010.09.07. 14:58


A seldom performed play in Hungary, Life is a Dream has recently opened at the Katona Jozsef Theatre's studio space, the Kamra.

It is directed by a young director, Daniel Kovacs, still a student at the Academy. The short, one-and-a-half-hour show is a visual, simple, somewhat cartoon-like performance with good acting. The Spanish baroque play is not taken too seriously, as the "dream" part of the play, which transforms Segismundo into a hero and a king, is just a joke. One can never believe in it. All crowns are made of paper and mantles of simple blankets. "Life" remains a prison where one can only dream about crowns and freedom.

Full of jokes and humour, fresh and easy, Life is Dream comes across as a fashionable student exercise.

Andrea Tompa 


Hungarian Theatre Critics Association