Konrád, Tivadar

Peter Esterhazy: Haydn's Crane - Barka Theatre, Budapest

2010.09.13. 14:58


Peter Esterhazy, "the" most important Hungarian writer, wrote a play about Haydn's stolen head.

The play, which premiered at the Barka Theatre in Budapest, is called Haydn's Crane. Actually, it is not a play, but a postmodernist game of art, play, words, death and God, something without story, characters or dialogue. Esterhazy is definitely not a good playwright. The text has no dramatic or post-dramatic structure, only funny monologues and lines - bon mots one would remember as jokes. Still, the show is very theatrical, with live music, some funny scenes, good lines and some good acting as well. 

Andrea Tompa 


Hungarian Theatre Critics Association