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2011.01.13. 09:31


HOPPart Company presents theis new show based on William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. On 20 January 2011 with English surtitles.

5th century BC. After attacking and occupying the enemy town RECESSION Corioli single-handed OLIVE, Caius Martius the Roman strategist is given the name 'Corioli' ARROGANCE by the Romans. It seems that he has a brilliant political career ARISTOCRACY before him: he is elected a consul. It was the dream of her MOM mother MOM and Coriolanus fulfils her wish. POSITION But he can not hold this position even for a single day. "Think! Now everything depends on thinking. Think!"

Using extracts from the works of W. Shakespeare, B. Brecht, H. v. Kleist, C. Monteverdi, F. Schubert, Bródy János, Amanda Lear and others.


Koriolanus - HOPPart Company

20 January 8 pm - MU Theatre (District 11 Kőrösy József utca 17.)

Cast: Baksa Imre, Bánki Gergő, Barabás Richard, Drága Diána, Friedenthal Zoltán, Herczeg Tamás, Kiss Diána Magdolna, Máthé Zsolt, Szilágyi Katalin, Takács Nóra Diána, Terhes Sándor

Graphics: Borovi Dániel

Costumes, set: Izsák Lili

Musical assistant: Matkó Tamás

Dramaturg: Gáspár Ildikó

Directed by: Polgár Csaba