And then - Eszter Salamon

2011.01.24. 09:56


A film-choreography.

To celebrate the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian European Presidency, Presi-danses has invited three dancers-choreographers, among them the Hungarian Eszter Salamon to present a new creation in Barcelona, in Brussels and in Budapest.

Imagine picking up a photo album on the street. You open it and see people you don't know: pictures of holidays, familiar poses and gestures, faces of strangers smiling at you as if you were a relative or close friend who was meant to see the photos... Isn't it strange and rather uncanny, to peek into another person's life when one has come across the evidence of it by pure chance?

Salamon Eszter: And then
Salamon Eszter: And then

On a stage that contracts and expands, folds and unfolds in two or three dimensions between here and elsewhere, eight people speak and sing a soundtrack of their unrelated lives and times. What brings them together? What makes them talk like everyone else, as a singular but not a particular person? What does it mean to meet another person whose being doesn't concern you in any particular way? What makes the expressions of each of them seem unconcerning for us, and yet being such that they always matter?

And then

28, 29 January 8 pm - Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest, District 9, Liliom utca 41.)

With: Aude LACHAISE, SALAMON Eszter, BOJANA Cvejic

Concept, dramaturgy: Eszter SALAMON, Bojana CVEJIC

Camera & editing: Minze TUMMESCHEIT

Editing assistant: Arne HECTOR

Light design: Sylvie GAROT

Sound design: Peter LENAERTS, Peter CONNELLY

Music: Peter LENAERTS/ 'aisikl