Festvorspiel - Lisztomania begins in Raiding

2011.01.25. 19:00


The year-long festival celebrating Franz Liszt starts on 27 January.

Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer opens the bicentennial year, the speakers of the day are Dr. Nike Wagner and Dr. Erhard Busek, later the Piano Duo of Johannes & Eduard Kutrowatz and Die Tanzgeiger will perform.

Lisztománia 2011
Lisztománia 2011

The next day features a concert of Elisabeth Leonskaja (piano), on 29 January Ildiko Raimondi (soprano) and Eduard Kutrowatz (piano) give a recital. On Sunday will be the first concert of the Orchestra Cycle titled "Les Préludes", where Martin Haselböck conducts the Wiener Akademie.