Odon van Horvath: Kasimir and Karoline - Orkeny Theatre, Budapest

2011.01.29. 11:16


This production at the Orkeny Theatre is basically built around one and only one idea. Instead of the traditional stage, a black canvas with a rectangular-shaped hole is on display.

Thus, details of the swirling crowd at the onstage Oktoberfest are viewed through this television box-like frame. This is does not mean that director Laszlo Bagossy wanted to get off cheaply. On the contrary, the idea is mined and exploited so richly that its effect and freshness do not wear off prematurely.

Kasimir és Karoline - Jelenet az előadásból (Örkény Színház - fotó: SzoFi)
Kasimir és Karoline - Jelenet az előadásból (Örkény Színház - fotó: SzoFi)

The melody of the piano and the narration of the pianist, reminiscent of a silent film, create an atmosphere of the early 20th century. Since the frame is too small for an actual-size human body, the audience can only see body-parts, sometimes without faces: shaking and frightened hands, laughing shoulders, backs feeling ashamed. It is as if the tiny details of the whole were illuminated in grotesque spotlight.

Andrea Rádai

Hungarian Theatre Critics' Associaton