Made in China by Annamária Láng

2011.01.31. 10:37


Made in China is a modern-day Gesamtkunstwerk performed by three female artists coming from different - and usually separate- artistic fields.

The creative process was a cooperation between Annamária Láng (actress, es-Krétakör), Katalin Koltai (guitarist), Éva Bodrogi (soprano), Georgi Sztojanov (composer) and Fruzsina Nagy (mask designer), supported by Krétakör Theater. 

Made in China
Made in China

Based on an interview by the anthropologist Pál Nyíri, the performance offers an unconventional mix of contemporary opera and documentary drama. Through the discovery of a seemingly distant life of a Chinese woman we witness the uncompromising rule of our time's foremost fetish, money.