Moment House - Scallabouche Company

2011.02.01. 13:35


The Scallabouche have been making theatre in Budapest since 1998. They have adapted, translated, devised, created and sometimes just staged. Seemingly by accident or maybe it is fate their work leads them to explore the possibilities of the moment. Using improvisation in more and more of their shows they want to find out how long can you stretch a moment, how ambiguous can a moment be before an audience disengages and how long does it take for them to decide what the story is.

In the summer 2010 the Scallabouche Company took part in the Festival of Edinburgh with their performance "Moment House". Last year nearly a thousand performances were presented in the framework of this famous event. The Hungarian-American coproduction was given the highest score by the Three Weeks, the leading medium of the Edinburgh Festival, which clearly indicates its success.

The Scallabouche and the Firefly play a desolate and comical contemporary tale by uniting their unique styles while mixing the English and  the Hungarian languages.

The performance is presented in the Szkene Theatre this February - for the first and last time in Hungary.

A man and a woman stand at a window looking out of a New York apartment onto a wall in Budapest. A young man steps off the street in Budapest into a car in Queens. A husband rolls over from his wife in bed and climbs the crumpled dress of his lover. A new born baby finally leaves the confines of the womb and swims out into the dry air, while a hi-wire artist lies suspended between the twin towers dreaming of escape.  Can we ever really walk away?

Using both English and Hungarian, Scallabouche and Firefly pool their respective skills and styles to perform this bleak and comic, contemporary fable.  Starting with serious misunderstanding and catastrophic events, moving through bad accents, nightclub embarrassment, fake moustaches and some old machine guns. Moment House explores the effects of split moments of decision when one life folds into two and a decision is made and your identity gets up and walks away.

Moment House - Scallabouche Company

3 (preview), 4, 5, 6 February 8 pm - Szkéne (Budapest, District 11, Műegyetem rakpart 3.)

Cast: Dióssi Gábor, Szalontay Tünde, Alexis Latham, Keefe Healy, Dennis McSorely

Director: Alexis Latham, Suzanne Mackay