Thomas Quasthoff and Camerata Salzburg in Budapest

2011.02.07. 14:25


March 23rd Palace of Arts - Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, 7.30 p.m.
Thomas Quasthoff
Thomas Quasthoff

Mozart: Symphony in C major, K 338
Mozart: Così dunque tradisci, K 432
Mozart: Per questa bella mano, K 612
Mozart: Symphony in D major ("Haffner"), K 385
Mozart: Mentre ti lascio, o figlia, K 513
Mozart: Rivolgete a lui lo sguardo, K 584
Conductor: Andrea Marcon
Our Guest Europe

In the person of Thomas Quasthoff we were able to meet a singer with a unique personality. He is regarded by critics, the public and the music industry alike as "the most outstanding representative of his generation". His voice is at once sweetly melting and powerful: like honey and steel. Born with a serious physical disability, the artist regards himself as a happy and lucky person and the self-irony of his humour is legendary. The orchestra appearing with the singer are bringing to Budapest a very generous Mozart programme and will be conducted by Andrea Marcon, an excellent Italian conductor and renowned Handel and Vivaldi specialist.