Sára, Márió

UNESCO hosts Hungarian EU presidency exhibition of Roma women paintings

2011.02.09. 12:51


The Roma and their place in society are the main themes of an exhibition of four Hungarian Roma women painters that opened in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Tuesday evening.

The "Romantic Roads" exhibition, organised as part of programmes of the Hungarian EU Presidency, presents 42 paintings by Marta Bada, Mara Olah, Jolan Olah and Terez Orsos. The exhibition's curator Peter Szuhay said the paintings depicted how Roma women feel exposed in society in two ways: to Roma men and to mainstream society. Szuhay, of the Budapest Museum of Ethnography, highlighted paintings by Mara Olah which feature imprinted texts; the artist "talks back" to society by sending messages. The exhibition was opened by Laurence Argimon Pistre, the head of the UNESCO delegation to the European Commission and Katalin Bogyai, Hungary's Ambassador to UNESCO.