Antal, Antónia

A Different Porgy, Another Bess

2011.02.14. 14:20


The Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Maria Joao and David Linx join in Budapest to perform Gershwin's masterpiece.

Gershwin's immortal masterpiece has inspired numerous interpretations and adaptations, and not only in the opera genre (for example, by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Gil Evans, or Cleo Laine and Ray Charles). David Linx had long planned to produce his own "reading", but first had to hook up with the world-famous Brussels Jazz Orchestra, founded in 1993, and the singer Maria João, each encounter leading to the recording of a joint album.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Brussels Jazz Orchestra

The work thus created, entitled A Different Porgy, Another Bess, salutes Linx's childhood mentor and friend, the late American writer James Baldwin. Its vision follows in Baldwin's footsteps, the essence being that humanism overrides all.

21 February 2011, 7.30 pm - Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), Bartók Béla National Concert Hall