Kurtág 85

2011.02.18. 11:48


A chamber concert of Gábor Csalog, András Kemenes and the Ludium Ensemble.

The Ludium Ensemble set out under the guidance of Gábor Csalog; its diverse make-up in the past decade has crystallized from the outstanding students of the Academy of Music. Its aim is primarily to foster the oeuvre of György Kurtág, supported by the composer's spirit, and at times by his presence and instructions. Last year András Szalay and András Kemenes joined them, the latter now taking part in the technical direction of the group.

20 February 5.00 pm - Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), Budapest, Glass Hall

Signs, plays, messages - for strings, cimbalom, clarinet and piano

Featuring: Gábor Csalog, András Kemenes - piano

Admission is free.