Liszt Christus in Budapest

2011.02.28. 14:29


March 29th Palace of Arts - Festival Theatre, 7.00 p.m.

Performance by the Csokonai Theatre (Debrecen)

Conductor: Balázs Kocsár
With: Debrecen Philharmonic Orchestra, Csokonai Theatre Chorus (choirmaster Péter Pálinkás), Kodály Choir (choirmaster: Zoltán Pad)
Sets: György Bátonyi
Costumes: Katalin Libor
Lighting: István Abuczki
Choreography: Péter Gemza
Assistant director: Csaba Sóvágó
Director: Attila Mispál

Liszt 200

This is not the first time Franz Liszt's monumental oratorio has been staged. In 1938, Gusztáv Oláh presented it on the stage in Budapest. Dezső Szomory wrote at the time of that performance. "I am convinced that with his romantic nature, his love of grandiose beauty and angels descended to earth, Franz Liszt himself would have admired and liked this brilliant stream of lights and colours. This splendid and striking evocation of brilliance and power, the at times stunning magic of the representation with which another artist reimagined his sacred musical dream in what is perhaps an even more artistic reality". The Csokonai Theatre also undertook to create a visual setting worthy of the oratorio, reinforcing the impact of the music. "We want to lift the audience out of everyday life from the moment they enter the theatre, transporting them to a ritual space where they can fully experience the spirit of the work."