Gertrúd, Patrik

Chocolate, cello and piano

2011.03.20. 21:23


In the third of the Chocolate Concert series, Ditta Rohmann and Emese Mali guide the small ones into the magical world of the cello and the piano.

The season of Chocolate Concerts is being launched for the third time in 2011. The classical music series organised by Hungarofest Nonprofit Ltd. KLASSZ Music Office is intended mainly for children; the Chocolate Concerts introduce youngsters to music and open their ears to the works of the great composers.

On March 20, the two young talents of last year's KLASSZ Talent Program show their young audinece how a cello and a piano sound together. As usual, Győző Lukácsházi takes the children by their hand and guides them into the magical world of music. Of course, he also has some chocolate in his pockets to win! Don't forget to bring your Chocolate Concerts colouring book to collect your next stamp.