Júlia, Rita

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble in May

2011.05.02. 08:02


Back from their Transsylvanian tour the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble offer the blend of the centuries' old tradition and the modern times.

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: Dream Time

4th May, 7 pm - Palace of Arts

Dream Time is a paean of praise to human dancing. The dreams of its creators - or their inferred memories - come to life from a world experienced, demonstrating their relationship to traditions, the secrets of the past, to the diversity of the present. In dream, everything can happen. Dream is magic, it opens a door between life and death, between reality and fiction. Dream is the mirror of our repressed desires. Dream is travel.

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: 60 years

11th May, 7 pm - Hungarian Heritage House (Hagyományok Háza)

This production is a selection of the shows of the 60 years old Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: From Father to Son...

13th May, 8 pm - Hungarian Heritage House (Hagyományok Háza)

One fundamental aspect of Hungarian national culture is the 'mother tongue' of dance forms: folk dance. The traditional communities, lifestyles and customs which once breathed life into folk dance and sustained it have broken up and disappeared, and now new communities have undertaken the task of preserving those dance forms.

In this new production by the Hungarian State Folk Dance Ensemble From Father to Son... authentic forms of expression (such as dance and music) are preserved, yet they are not simply reproduced, but given a new environment and function (on the stage). This charges them with new meaning, bringing their message across to modern audiences. 

In this abstract, recreated form of reality (performed in the time- and space-expanding context of the theatre), the dance speaks to us in an abstract and reinterpreted language: it directs our attention to our earthly existence and the heritage of our fathers, whilst communicating many other different messages and patterns.

It tells us that although we live amidst an increasingly uniform and superficial "world culture," we still have our own characteristic culture. It reveals the continuity and importance of this culture, which is a keystone for our existence in this world, and an  important source of our national self-identity.

Our sources were famous folk dancers and musicians from whom we learnt our dance and music through personal contact, film or records. They are great individuals whose identity, talent, art, and autonomy serve as models for this show. The show is also enriched by video and sand animation; it is a journey in space, time, and the imagination; it is the memory of a journey which we made together, and it conjures up shared, personal experiences. In this way it puts some of the most beautiful dances of the Carpathian Basin onto the stage.

The production From Father to Son... shows and bolsters our faith in variety, the continuation of values, and the freedom of the individual. These are all necessary factors for development, the future, and a valid present existence.