Rosas: Bartók/Mikrokosmos

2011.05.03. 17:38


An evening of dance and music in three parts at Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest.

An evening of dance and music in three parts: the dance duet Mikrokosmos, set to a composition by Béla Bartók for two pianos, a musical work by György Ligeti, performed by two pianists, and the dance to the Fourth String Quartet by Béla Bartók. All the music will be performed live. An exciting complicity develops between the musicians and the dancers. Bartók/Mikrokosmos is a performance about dance and music and especially about the pleasure of dancing and playing together, in which the spectators participate simply through the act of watching.

According to De Standaard it is "a turning point in Rosas' evolution. All these minor differences, no more than ripples on a very strict score, make this sort of performance more than just entertainment: it is an experience."

The choreography of Anne Teresa de Keeresmaeker can be seen on 7 and 8 May at 8.30 pm at Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts.